AMP Banking Review by a Zar Mortgage Broker

AMP Banking Review by a Zar Mortgage Broker

AMP Bank say ‘AMP Bank has an easy-to-understand range of home loans with something for everyone. It’s why we help thousands of people every year in their quest for home ownership’ which in a sense is correct although probably not at the most competitive rate(At times they do offer market leading products). AMP’s borrowing capacity can be slightly higher than others allowing you to borrow more for your property. AMP are quite strict on policy which can sometimes create issues getting your loan to approval, this is probably because they are allowing higher loan amounts therefore they cannot take risk on other aspects of your mortgage e.g. Credit History, Proof of Income, etc… Service and Product range are reasonable.

In some cases offer a higher borrowing capacity than the majors
Reasonably Competitive Products

Current rates are not the best
Processing can take some time and legal’s are outsourced which can cause settlement delays, talk to your broker as this should not be an issue if it is managed with the broker and banks staff.

Comments on this review are the opinion of the broker at the time of posting and subject to change at any time. This is not a product or lender recommendation we suggest talking with your mortgage consultant to confirm this lenders products will suit your personal needs.

Things you should know
The information contained within this page is general in nature. It serves as a guide only and does not take into account your personal financial needs. Before you act on this information you should seek independent legal and financial advice. Zar Mortgage Brokers does not warrant the accuracy or appropriateness of this information.

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