Westpac Review by a Zar Mortgage Broker

Westpac Review by a Zar Mortgage Broker

Westpac offer reasonably competitive loan packages with a standard product offering. Not much more to say about Westpac at the moment the product offering is not competitive enough to put up with some of the processing issues we see at times. All in all they are not a bad bank but are not leading the pack in product or service, probably best for current Westpac clients who at times can negotiate a better rate. This changes regularly so do not be concerned if Westpac is put up against other lenders products in the near future.

At times offer discounts above advertised rates

Current rates are not the best
At times processing can take some time with a central processing centre that sometimes doesn’t understand each states specific requirements, talk to your broker as this should not be an issue if it is managed with the broker and banks staff.

Things you should know
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